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2017 Rules

There are 3 divisions for the 2017 season which consist of Patrol, Tactical, and Optics.  


In 2017 the scoring will be  to 1 second penalty for B zone hits and a 3 second penalty for C zone hits.


A copy of the current rules may be dowloaded here.


Patrol Division

Iron sight Rifle

Pump shotgun (8 plus 1)

No rifle magazine restrictions

Duty type handgun with factory magazines

Retention holster must be utilized


Tactical Division

Rifle with non magnified sight (red dot, EO Tech, etc) or iron sights

Shotgun (8 plus 1) 

No rifle magazine restrictions

Extended base plates for magazines are OK.


Optics Division

Magnified rifle optic

No rifle magazine restrictions

Shotgun (8 plus 1)

Extended base plates for magazines are OK.


Shotgun shell dump pouches and carriers are optional in all 3 divisions.  



Hit on a Non Threat Target- 10 seconds (per hit)

All steel targets (which must fall) - 10 seconds

Frangible targets -10 seconds

Procedural Violations -10 seconds


Slings for long guns are required. They do not have to be on the gun but make sure you have them.

Shotguns can NEVER have more than 9 in the gun.

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